Protocol FAQ

 Association FAQs

 What language are meetings held in?

 Do you provide interpretation?

PDI-POA does not provide interpretation. We encourage you to contact local resources such as language and translation providers or academic institutions to determine what interpretation services may be available to you.

 How often are Forums held?

PDI-POA holds our annual International Protocol Education Forum each year in July. The location changes annually, and we encourage you to view our future forums page for information on the planned locations for the next few years. If you have questions about attending the Forum, please contact our Forum team at [email protected]

 When do you announce where a Forum will be held?

Our International Protocol Education Forum locations are chosen and announced approximately four years in advance. One of the exciting announcements in the closing session of each year’s Forum is the announcement of the newly chosen location! The upcoming Forum dates and locations are posted on our Future Forums page.

 If I want to hire a speaker for an event, how may I do so?

If you would like to co-host a protocol training event with PDI-POA, featuring one or more of our board members as a speaker, we invite you to contact us at [email protected] to share your ideas and goals for the event and to discuss whether one or more of our directors would be an appropriate featured speaker. 

 How do I schedule a regional event?

Contact our Events team at [email protected] to discuss scheduling a regional event.

 I’m interested in how protocol can benefit my company/organization. Is there someone I can speak with about this?

Please use our contact form or email us at [email protected].

 If I’m not a member, can I still attend events?

PDI-POA hosts online and in-person events throughout the year, as well as partnering with organizations on regional events related to protocol. Each of the events listed on our site indicates whether it is for members only or is open to all regardless of membership. Our flagship annual event - the International Protocol Education Forum held each summer - is open to members and to non-members.

If you are interested in a number of our events, we encourage you to consider whether PDI-POA membership is right for you. Many of the members-only events are provided at no additional cost to current members, and discounted rates are available to members for events that are open to the public. Additionally, members can attend the annual International Protocol Education Forum at a significantly reduced registration cost. You may find, as many current members do, that membership is not only of great educational and professional value, but also a true bargain with all of the educational, development, and networking opportunities you receive!