The Bespoke Protocol Career

After years of working in the field, Protocol Professionals become invaluable resources to their organizations and are the foremost experts in their fields. But what happens when it is time to look at other options? Are you prepared to package your unique skills and apply them to another employer or a completely different field? 

Whether you are just starting to investigate your next career move or are actively on the job hunt, now is the time to assess how prepared you are to step confidently forward. And Protocol & Diplomacy International - Protocol Officers Association is here to help.

Launched in fall 2022, a new member-exclusive program is designed to provide you with the tools you need to take the next step in your career.

Five full hours of professional development are offered in a mix of virtual class time and independent coaching.

Session 1 – Late September – Resume Review

Chui Senanayake, The Job Helpers

60-minute small group session focused on:

  • How to keep your resume short and direct

  • Creating an original resume template

  • Highlighting relevant skills and experiences

  • Correctly demonstrating results with numbers and metrics

  • Applicant tracking systems filtering out resumes to find qualified candidates

  • Tailoring a resume and cover letter to include relevant skills, keywords, and experience

  • Preliminary candidate reviews by recruiters for the number years of experience, work history, educational background, soft skills, and volunteer work

Session 2 – Late October – LinkedIn Branding and Social Selling

Terry Sullivan, BuzzPro

60-minute small group session focused on:

  • Create a digital brand that stands out from the competition

  • Build better leads faster

  • Connect with the right people

  • Build a great reputation

  • Manage your leads, prospects and contacts more efficiently

  • And more!

Session 3 – Late November – Working with an Executive Search Firm


60-minute small group session focused on:

  • How to identify a search firm to work with

  • What to expect in the search process and how to prepare

  • Tips for interviewing with individuals and organizations

Individual Consultation 1 – Career Coach

Following the first session, participants receive one 60-minute session with the career coach to focus on their specific resume questions and job search strategies. Scheduled at the convenience of the participant!

Individual Consultation 2 – Personal Branding

Following the second session, participants receive one 60-minute session with the LinkedIn specialist to review their individual profiles and help strengthen their online professional persona. Scheduled at the convenience of the participant!

Enrollment for the current session has closed. If you would like to learn more about future sessions of The Bespoke Protocol Career, please email our CEPD committee.

PDI-POA Member cost: $175

If you are not a member of PDI-POA, we encourage you to consider membership for access to high quality continuing education and professional development opportunities such as this!