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Protocol Prose Book Club - March 2022 Meeting
Tuesday, March 15, 2022, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Member Exclusive Events

Composure The Art of Executive PresenceThe Protocol Prose Book Club reconvenes at 5:00pm EST on 15 March 2022, featuring COMPOSURE: The Art of Executive Presence by Kate Purmal and Lee Epting. 

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The authors describe Executive Presence as “a mature self-confidence that inspires trust in your leadership. It’s the ability to take control of difficult situations, make tough decisions, and hold your own with talented and strong-willed colleagues — all while staying calm and composed.”

During this members-only session, we will explore key components of the COMPOSURE framework, led by the COMPOSURE team themselves. Kate Purmal and Lee Epting will dive deep into the most impactful COMPOSURE concepts and strategies through presentations, breakout discussions, writing exercises, and guided exercises. 

This book highlights ways to elevate your Executive Presence by understanding what causes Impostor Behaviors and how to resolve them. You’ll gain insight into the untapped potential that lives within you and discover what’s possible when you show up with greater confidence and Executive Presence.

Prior to the session, the authors invite participants to take the Impostor Breakthrough Assessment to better understand which Impostor Behaviors may affect you.

For information on where to purchase the book, we encourage you to check the authors' website.

PDI-POA offers continuing education credits for this educational session through Events Industry Council.

About the Authors

Kate PurmalKate Purmal

Kate is a former CEO and Technology Executive, Board Director, Business Advisor and Executive Coach. She is also a Senior Industry Research Fellow at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business and a lecturer at University of Michigan Ross School of Business. She is the author of two books: COMPOSURE: The Art of Executive Presence and THE MOONSHOT EFFECT: Disrupting Business as Usual.


Lee EptingLee Epting

Lee Epting is a Technology Executive, Board Advisor, Executive Coach, and Lecturer at Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. She has delivered numerous market-winning products for the largest global telecommunications & technology companies.


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